Garage door repairs Vandermerweskroon

Garage door repairs Vandermerweskroon

In these challenging times, security is one of our foremost concerns, whether Garage door repairs Vandermerweskroon are considering a family home, a business or institution.

Any property can only be secure if is surrounded by a reliable, strong perimeter structure, but the obvious weak point in any wall or fence is the gate, and when this is mechanised, its motor must be kept in a state of good Garage door repairs Vandermerweskroon.

A faulty gate motor could place you in a dangerous situation not with Garage door repairs Vandermerweskroon! – coming home late at night, a malfunctioning gate motor could prevent you having a secure closure behind you, leaving you vulnerable and at risk. Statistics prove that the moment when a property owner arrives at the premises and stops or slows down to allow the gate to open, is the time when he is most susceptible to approach and attack by criminals.

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There are two obvious ways of avoiding this serious potential problem : Garage door repairs Vandermerweskroon is of the highest quality and then keeping it in constantly good and reliable condition.

An automatic gate is part of an integrated security access control system. In order to ensure your peace of mind in this regard, it is necessary to rely on a reputable gate motor installation and repair company such as Garage door repairs Vandermerweskroon.

Garage door repairs Vandermerweskroon

Two factors determine the size and strength of the motor required for your gate, the size and weight of the gate, and how often it is opened and closed on an average day. Installing the correct motor for the expected load and strain guarantees the life-span and continued reliability of the gate motor. Correct installation ensures that the gate will open and close smoothly with a minimum of strain, causing as little wear and tear as possible and extending the motor’s years of reliability.

Most automatic gates are of the “slide” opening variety, turning through an oil-cooled reduction gearbox giving power to a drive cog which moves the gate laterally on a steel rack. The alternative “swing” opening gate uses a ring gear formula, turning on a drive shaft which pulls an arm attached to the gate, moving it back and forth.

To make sure that you have the perfect gate motor solution to suit your unique needs, to guarantee that it is efficiently installed for continuing optimum performance, and to have reliable and trustworthy service available when repairs do need to be carried out, call Garage door repairs Vandermerweskroon today.